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Library : The Road to Carn Dûm

Last Updated 1/9/2011 1:27 AM
Times Read 364

"Carn Dûm, the capital of Angmar and the former stronghold of the Witch-king. Angmar's shadow has returned to this city in the form of the False King, Mordirith, Steward of Angmar."

Zone: Angmar
Type: Ruins
Level: 47 - 50

Aethilgar's Comment:
Much like my comments on Urugarth; it's a fun zone that can be run level 45+ with healers dipping down into the 40+ range. Yes, unless you have a main tank who is 50+, reasonable dps, a loremaster and a good healer; there will be some bosses you will have trouble with or, even, can't do. As always, bring a tour guide on your first trip to learn the ropes and your future trips will be much easier for it!

Quests by level (along with class quests):
[50] Heart of the Waters
Must complete Further Upstream to obtain
Obtained from Fimreg @ Gath Forthnir

[50] Lifting the Yoke
Obtain from Ea @ Gath Forthnir

[50] Lord of the Gertheryg
Must complete Moving Mountains prior to obtaining
Obtain from Tani @ Tarmunn Sursa; Carn Dum

[50] Queen of the Host
[50] The Strongest Back (Escort Quest)
Obtain from Ea @ Gath Forthnir/Carn Dum (will update)

[50] The Tarnished Bracelet
Obtained by item drop in Carn Dum


Plans of War:
Collect the Plans of War, Page 3
Collect the Plans of War, Page 7
Collect the Plans of War, Page 10
Collect the Plans of War, Page 11
Collect the Plans of War, Page 18
Collect the Plans of War, Page 27

The Enemy's Stronghold:
Find Slave-pens
Find Barashal's Domain
Find Fell-water Source
Find Duvardain Quarter
Find Castle of Carn Dum
Find Seat of the Witch King
Find Witch King's Watch

The Orcs of Carn Dum:
Defeat Orc-kind in Carn Dum (0/100)

The Orcs of Carn Dum (Advanced):
Defeat Orc-kind in Carn Dum (0/200)
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