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Sage Lore
"Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not."

- Samuel Johnson, (1709-1784)
LOTRO News from Turbine
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Welcome; friends and companions, to Hirdas Westwegas!

Hirdas Westwegas; loosely translated, means Household or Company from the West.  But who are we?

We are a kinship made up of mature adults with a diverse set of backgrounds.  Some of us have been playing MMOs together for over a decade and others are recent comers to the MMO world.  One of the many aspects that bind us together is our sense of community, friendship, and loyalty.  We actively seek others who share these ideals and value them more than a 'level' or a 'class'.  At the end of the day; its the person behind the toon that is what is important.

While our combined MMO experience covers a wide variety of games; our primary focus is on the Lord of the Rings MMO offered by Turbine.  We do; however, maintain an awareness of other offerings within the MMO industry.  We are frequently involved in beta trials of new offerings and; when NDAs permit, write reviews on them.

We explore all aspects of game-play from crafting, to quests, to PvP, to instances, to raids, to light role-play.

We invite you to visit our forums for additional information and to introduce yourself!

Yours in Service,


Guild News

Aftermath of Impromptu Guild Sunday

Aethilgar, Jan 24, 11 11:15 AM.
What started out as a Hirdas run into Urugarth for class quest items turned into an evening long event!

Before I begin; I'd like to thank Catanya and Baleclin joining me in lending a hand to Perz, Disulla, and Liryc.  Could not have done it without you!

The run into Urugarth was without inncident.  All bosses were downed and class quest items collected.  I believe that we need one more run in to handle an overlapping class item but that will not be an issue.  Next on the list for this trio will be Carn Dum!  Pending how much time we have, we may take CD in two bite sized chunks.  Sign up on the Calendar if you wish to lend a hand or need something there yourself!

After Uru was completed; Perz tossed out the idea of a Helegrod Mark Run.  So we began to pull the team together.  Adding to our merry bunch was Ullora, Bon (I can't recall the spelling!), and Beautifulheart.  Drakes and Spiders went smoothly; Giants were a bit of a pain but we found our rhythm before the end.  Three Marks and a good time was had by all.  Even more impressive was the amount of teamwork, daring-do, and general moxy displayed.   What I saw was a team that can do anything it sets it's mind to.

After Helegrod; we settled on some silly fun and paid a little visit to Bogbereth in Angmar.  Many of the group had never seen ole Boggy and I can remember how exciting my first encounter with this spider was.  It's not a hard fight any more, of course, but it is visually spectacular! 

So here's a hearty 'job well done' from me to all the Company!  Can't wait to see more!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Aethilgar, Jan 7, 11 11:09 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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